Will making more money save you time? Or will it make you feel more rushed than ever? I've been pondering this question because a friend.

Pretty much it is what exactly it says lol, asset rich but cash poor. I owned a commercial financing company, had plenty of clients who on paper had 10’s of millions in assets but showed little income (moreso b/c of how they use tax shelters but you get the idea).

Profit Rich and CASH poor Profit Rich means that you have a high operating income or Net income according to the income statement. cash poor means that you don’t have much in the CASH account according to the Balance sheet or Cash Flow Statement.

Money-rich, time-poor is an expression which arose in Britain at the end of the 20th century to describe groups of people who, whilst having a high disposable income through well-paid employment, have relatively little leisure time as a result. Time poverty has also been coined as a noun for the phenomenon.

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The definition of a 'market' is a 'group of people or organizations with a need and the. for luxury goods and our inability to save money make us very cash-poor.

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[Asset-rich and cash-poor] When someone owns considerable property but few liquid assets.

Yes, I agree that the term "cash poor" references a lack of liquid capital in the purest definition. Although I wouldn’t agree, it could be argued that a more lenient interpretation could be people with assets valued at a million dollars could borrow against them or have an available line of credit.

"house rich, cash poor" Posted by ESC on October 07, 2006. In Reply to: "house rich, cash poor" posted by David FG on October 07, 2006: : : I understand the phrase, "house rich, cash poor" refers to the situation where your housing costs take up most of your income, leaving you with an expensive house (house rich)and little money for anything else (cash poor).

Elliott reminded shareholders that proposed solutions should match the scale of problems at HMG, noted that poor governance leads to bad decisions. while GM has committed to a gross cash ceiling of.. On the other hand, there is concern with measurement and definition.